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Why Stay Single When A Mature Marriage Can Keep You Company?

Why Stay Single When A Mature Marriage Can Keep You Company?

This is a generation that believes in prioritizing work, individual freedom, personal and professional growth over love and marriage. While love is often a short term affair; marriage is mostly looked down upon as a commitment that they are not ready to plunge into at the moment. Needless to say, relationships are not quite trendy with the younger generation because who could possible want expectations and promises to live up to when casual affairs and one night stands can keep you feeling good about yourself? However, the need to feel committed comes with age and when that happens; all you crave for is a sense of belongingness.

Say Yes to Happiness!

We often hear a lot about mature marriages. While it could mean growth and maturity in a marriage, it could also signify marrying at a mature age. You are done with your unpredictable work shifts, life has somewhat settled, your career is at a point where you do not really seek adventures from it and you have your finances sorted to an extent. This is the point where loneliness strikes. Even if half of your friends had promised to never tie the knot, you have already attended some twenty two odd receptions where everyone looked happy and complete. You have been asked a million times if you are interested to date or marry but you are too conscious to answer. We say, let your guard down and seek happiness in whatever comes naturally.

Single People

While being single has its own set of advantages, it is not always that good a place to be as it seems. Like we say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, the same goes for married individuals and single people. While married couples always find a single man or a woman enjoying life to its fullest, a single man on the other side of the world is calling premium rate numbers to feel a sense of belongingness and also mention that many single people call premium rate numbers.

Yes! As strange as that sounds, after a certain age, being single is not that easy a ground to find people you will feel comfortable dating. We often become quite choosy in finding the right person to date. The worst part is when we happen to fall in love with the other person who still plans on being single, so all your dreams of walking down the aisle go for a toss.

Most of us have seen those advertisements on television that promote the use of telephonic conversations with people who need company in life. Have you ever wondered why these adverts are so popular? This is because most of us are lonely in reality and while we may have a thousand friends who are ready to party at the drop of a hat, very few of us have friends to cry with or talk to in the dead of night. This problem intensifies when you are not married and have no family members around.

These advertisements are hugely popular despite the fact that they are premium rate numbers. People simply cannot resist calling even when a staggering amount awaits them at the end of the month because that sense of belonging, of having someone to speak to is way more inviting than the fear of money.

There have been individuals who have called on these numbers for months and spoken about their breakups, their loneliness, work troubles, about how they miss a family etc. All these are conversations that they would love to have with a family member but are either still apprehensive of commitments or haven’t found the right match.

Maturity helps

For all those of you who are seeking companionship in life, a mature marriage can help you from drowning in a sea of loneliness. Look for people who are in a similar situation like you are. Stop seeking perfection and own up the maturity that comes with age. Instead of paying whopping amounts of phone bills every month, invest in a relationship. When two mature people come together, it is definitely more about seeking a companion in each other than anything else. This is what holds a relationship for the longest time.

Your expectations are lower, there is so much more to talk about and a lot more to share the world with. There is no denying the fact that marriage is hard. It is about seeing each other at your worst and remembering that face with drool and vomit and messy hair after an epic hangover the next morning. It is about a whole bunch of adjustments that naturally come to you after all those years of adjusting with life.

Singles look to mingle

An article in a newspaper had once talked about this man who to pay 91,000 pounds in phone bills because he simply could not stop calling up these premium rate numbers to talk to women who offered empathy and company over phone. The fact that someone is hearing you makes you feel happy and complete that generally lacks in people who are single. Do not be that person. Find your match and your maturity in a marriage that will help you with a companion for life. A lot of people in mature marriages do not want children. This is a decision that completely lies with you and your partner. It is true that bearing and rearing a child is no easy task. Moreover, if you have a late marriage, having a child could come with complications. It is a better idea to invest time in a relationship than quickly opt for children and relive a cycle of loneliness and the need to escape commitments.

The addiction to these premium rate numbers could go to an extent where you might need medical intervention. This man who had this staggering amount to pay suffered a good deal at the hands of insomnia and depression. He had to be put on anti-depressants and other medication to control his anxiety. Would you still want to remain single and seek companionship in strangers? Give it a thought!